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VOD - Alexis Laree (Mickie James) vs Lil Davey Mae w/Poppa Mae

VOD - Alexis Laree (Mickie James) vs Lil Davey Mae w/Poppa Mae
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Hello Women's Wrestling enthusiast, thanks for visiting this page. We wanted to let you know that this title/match (and ALL titles on this site) will be removed from this site in the next few weeks, as we are working on a new site.  If you wanted to purchase any of the current titles please do so now.  Do not wait too long to buy, before the title you want is removed.  We are running a great sale on EVERY title / match / VOD / Download on this site.  BUY NOW!  DOWNLOAD NOW!  WATCH NOW!

DWOW has been known for their intergender match ups, and this one will be a good one with Alexis Laree (MICKIE JAMES) taking on Lil Davey Mae w/Big Poppa Mae. This video starts off with the exotic one Isis in the ring. Isis is wearing a cute referee outfit with booty shorts, with just enough extra stuff protruding to satisfy the men (and women too), and a bra type-top. Her skin is tan and her hair is in a ponytail long, brown and curly.

First out is Davey Mae with Big Poppa Mae. Both are wearing blue jean overalls with no shirt. Poppa is wearing a straw hat, and is eating a hoagie. Maybe he is on the Jared diet? Both Mae boys are very vocal with the crowd, and the crowd is giving it back. Isis tells poppa that there is no food in her ring. Davey Mae probably weighs 130lbs tops, while Poppa Mae is tipping the scale at over 500lbs.

Alexis Laree makes her way out and is wearing her black hair down and wet. She is wearing a one piece stripper type cat suit that is skin tight where you can see every curve (every). Isis begins to pat down Davey Mae, the whole time complaining. You would think he wouldn't mind a hot girl toucing and patting him down, especially since he has trouble scoring with women. Alexis is patted down next, no illegal objects, and the match gets started.

Alexis and Davey go to lock up and Davey ducks under and celebrates his accomplishment? They lock up again, and Davey hits an arm bar take down, and again celebrates and is focusing too much talking trash with the crowd on hand. You have to love Alexis's outfit as it is so skin tight, as she is not wearing a bra that you can see her nipples popping out on her outfit. Very hot! Davey Mae locks on a headlock, into a reverse arm bar, and finally sweeping Alexis feet from under her sending her crashing to the mat. Davey then leaves the ring to get one on one with a fan jaw jacking each other.

Davey then challenges Alexis to a test of strength, but Davey can't make up his mind what hand he wants to do, so Alexis decides to just dropkick his ass. Davey charges at Alexis and she sweeps his legs out sending him crashing to the mat. Alexis then mounts Davey and rides him around the ring. Davey bails out to ringside. Poppa is yelling at Davey and Alexis does a running dropkick to Poppa's back sending himself and Davey into the front row seats. Alexis finds Poppa's sandwich at ringside and shoves it in his face. Poppa was pissed Alexis ruined his sandwich, as Alexis went to torment Poppa Mae over the ropes, he grabbed her head and slingshot her backwards to the mat. 

Back in the ring Davey takes advantage of his situation and lands some punches and kicks to keep Alexis down. Davey then places his boot on her throat and chokes her. Davey continues to pound on Alexis, and gets her in an arm lock, before Alexis can get to the ropes to break the hold. Davey then takes Alexis and places her arm over the tope rope, as he stretches her, before he jumps up and over the tope rope putting a ton of pressure on poor Alexis's arm. Alexis tries to fight back with a few kicks, and Davey counters with his own. Davey sends Alexis to the ropes and wraps her in a sleeper hold on the way back. Alexis eventually fights back with a few elbows to the stomach and punches to the back. Alexis tries to sprint away, and Davey thinking quickly grabs her hair and yanks her down hard to the mat. Davey climbs to the tope rope expressing that this match is over and tries to hit a leg drop, which Alexis quickly moves from.

Alexis is on top and sends Davey to the ropes, he reverses, and she ducks the clothesline, and hits Davey with her flying burrito type move. Alexis then sets Davey in the corner and climbs up to deliver 10 hands to the face of the Mae. Back to the center of the ring, Davey hits a standing clothesline. Davey goes for the pin and grabs a two count. Davey calls Poppa up to the ring apron. Davey places Alexis in his arms, and Poppa has a hold on her as Davey runs full force into, Poppa Mae, as Alexis escapes. Alexis quickly thinks kicks Davey in the stomach and hits her reverse ddt for the pin fall. Isis raises Alexis?s arm for the win, as Poppa chases Davey back to the locker room.

Classification: Intergender, Inter-gender, man vs woman, boy vs girl
Talent Appearing in segment: Alexis Laree, Mickie James, Lil Davey Mae, Poppa Mae, Isis, The Sound Guy
Total Running time: 10 minutes and 35 seconds
Footage from:  (Williamsport, PA)
File Type and Size: DIVX - 93.9 mb
Tags: : Intergender, Inter-gender, man vs woman, boy vs girl, outside interference, food, fighting outside
ring, hair pull, hair stomp, stomach punch, knee to stomach, belly punching, suplex, cross body, pony ride, outside interference, disqualification, cheating, flying burrito, leg sweep, dropkick, kick to stomach


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