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VOD - Alexis Laree (Mickie James) vs Dawn Mae w/Poppa Mae

VOD - Alexis Laree (Mickie James) vs Dawn Mae w/Poppa Mae
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Hello Women's Wrestling enthusiast, thanks for visiting this page. We wanted to let you know that this title/match (and ALL titles on this site) will be removed from this site in the next few weeks, as we are working on a new site.  If you wanted to purchase any of the current titles please do so now.  Do not wait too long to buy, before the title you want is removed.  We are running a great sale on EVERY title / match / VOD / Download on this site.  BUY NOW!  DOWNLOAD NOW!  WATCH NOW!  


This Dangerous Women of Wrestling match took place in Dover, DE on a Sunday night. A quick note this was the ONLY Sunday night show that DWOW ever ran. After this evening, DWOW management decided to no longer run shows on a Sunday. This video starts off as we find the luscious blonde Candie in the ring to referee the match. Candie is dressed in the cutest and tightest pink and white booty shorts, showing off her ass-ets, with a black sports bra. There are some EXCELLENT back shots of Candie's rear. A MUST SEE!

Big Poppa Mae leads one of his many daughters to the ring, as the super tough, red-head Dawn Mae will be taking on future WWE star Alexis Laree (aka Mickie James). Dawn and Poppa eat while they are on the way to the ring; later Dawn spits food at the crowd.

Next up the spunky Alexis Laree (MICKIE JAMES) makes her way to the ring. No matter the crowd size, Alexis always treated every match like it was the main event, this match was no different.

Alexis wore her black hair, wet and down. She had on skin tight, long pants, and a nice purple top, and no bra! The camera doesn't lie! ANOTHER MUST SEE! The young and perky Alexis has her hands full in this bout.

Candie and Alexis do a playful pat down and a super quick pat down on Dawn Mae. The match quickly starts as the two girls lock up and exchange headlocks and reversals, as Alexis takes Dawn to the mat hard with a leg takedown, startling Dawn and hurting her nose. Dawn quickly takes to the outside in the ring to be consoled by Poppa Mae.

Dawn returns to the ring to be quickly woman handled by Alexis, and Dawn quickly retreats to the outside of the ring again. This time Alexis pursued Dawn on the outside, only to be met by Big Poppa Mae. Poppa Mae clubbed Alexis with huge forearms, rendering Alexis to the ground. Poppa Mae returned Alexis to the ring, and Dawn Mae went to town on Alexis by dropping an elbow on her unprotected back, a kick to the crotch area, all the while leading up to a pendulum, where there was some excellent zoom in camera shoots.

Alexis began to fight back only to be stopped dead in her tracks by a clothesline that took her head off! Dawn then scoops up Alexis for Poppa to smack her behind, before Dawn drives Alexis to the mat with a side body drop, and then a pin-fall with Alexis kicking out right before three. Dawn ascends to the top rope, but The Smoke jumps Poppa Mae and starts beating him with a cane, and The Sound Guy shoves Dawn Mae right before her jump, falling hard to the mat. Alexis took advantage of Dawn's mishap, and hit her reverse ddt, scoring the pinfall.

Classification: Straight girl vs. girl, man vs girl, outside interference
Talent Appearing in segment: Alexis Laree, Mickie James, Dawn Mae, Poppa Mae, The Smoke,
Steve The Sound Guy, Candie
Total Running time: 9 minutes and 07 seconds
Footage from: (Dover, DE)
File Type and Size: DIVX - 80.8 mb
Tags: Hair pull, Straight, Inter gender, crotch kick, belly kick, ass spanking, breast chops, headlock, leg lock, reverse ddt, body slam, man vs woman, woman vs woman, fat girl vs skinny girl, chain wrestling, old school wrestling, top rope, side slam, clothesline, pendulum, choke hold, out of ring fighting, weapons


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